Tour de France Ride Streak Challenge, 2012

Bicycling Magazine offered a Tour de France Ride Streak Challenge where it asked cyclists to ride everyday of the tour, including off days, for at least 3 miles a day. 23 consecutive days, from June 30 to July 22. I rode 705 miles during that time for an average of 30.7 miles per day. I also participated in the Map My Ride Tour de France Challenge, which had four separate challenges based on the total Tour distances: ride the entire length, 2148 miles, ride half the length, 1074 miles, ride one quarter of the length, 537 miles or one eighth of the total length, 269 miles. I chose one quarter, 537 miles. I was sore during the first week and wondered how I could go riding day after day. But during the second week, I fell into a groove and looked forward to the next ride. At the end, I can say, my legs were not sore, but they were numb.