Shared Roadway Fail

Over the course of years, I have had close encounters with cars, trucks, buses, and RVs. This Saturday, however, I had a driver deliberately drive within 6 inches or so of me. It was a dangerous and deliberate act. The road was straight, with two lanes in either direction and the lane next to him was clear. And it was midday.
In California, there is a 3-foot bicycle passing law, that has been in effect since 2014 (Cal Veh. Code § 21760).  Currently, 30 states have 3ft passing laws protecting cyclists. North Carolina has a 2ft passing law, and Pennsylvania has a 4 ft passing law. South Dakota has a two-tier passing law, with a three-foot passing requirement for roads with speed limits equal to or under thirty-five miles per hour and six feet on roads that have speed limits greater than thirty-five mph. New York has a 'safe distance‘ rule in place, New Jersey has no law.
In general, here in here in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and the cities within the counties encourage road …

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