Gold Coast Cycling Bookshelf

This is a current listing of the E-books that I have published on Amazon. I am writing a series of e-Books on road cycling, that I hope that will help cyclists everywhere. I am compiling all of the questions that I get about cycling, from how to get started to how to buy a road bike.  I am sharing what I have learned over the years to you. 

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Currently available on Amazon:

Buying a Road Bike
If you have never bought a road bike before, or even if you bought a road bike just 5 to 10 years ago, the technology has dramatically changed the road bicycle market, including the bike frames, the components, and the accessories. This book will guide you in the choices that you need to consider when you walk into a bike shop today.
Getting Started in Road Cycling
Road cycling is an easy path to health and fitness for many around the world. This book will introduce you to the growing sport of road cycling, including the types of bicycles, what to bring along on a ride and the road cycling culture and traditions.
How to Ride a Century
You have been road cycling for months or years. You have seen cyclists riding century rides as fundraisers for local bike clubs or local charities, but you think that riding 100 miles in one day is too much for someone like yourself. Riding a century is not impossible. With training and the right mindset, a century ride is within your reach.  You can do the century sooner than you think is possible.