Overcoming a Cycling Accident

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A book to help you when things go wrong.

It’s a warm early summer day. The morning is bright and cloudless. A gentle breeze is blowing through the trees. You’re riding a challenging route today; a mix of flats and hills. But you feel great, and you’re going to set some personal records today. Even better, you’re on-track for your upcoming charity century ride. The last song that you heard on the way to this ride is looping in your head.
Then you hit something lying on the road. A rock, a pothole, or a branch lying in the street, you didn’t see it. You were cruising along at nearly 20 miles per hour. Now you’re fighting to control your bike, and you’re quickly losing. Within seconds, you’re sprawled on the road, bruised, and battered. The cycling kit commemorating that tough charity ride last year is shredded. Your bike is lying a few feet away, after having bounced there. And your water bottle, headlight and everything in your jersey pockets is scattered across the road.
A bicycle accident can happen just that fast. You’re cruising along thinking about how to improve your fitness in one moment. Long distances and long steep climbs are not a problem for you. Now, your body hurts, there’s blood on your kit, and you can barely move. Your bike brake levers, handlebars and front wheel are not lined up anymore. And since it’s a carbon fiber bike you begin to wonder what else could be wrong with it. Is the frame cracked?
Beyond the physical challenge, it’s a mental and financial challenge as well. I have had accidents that have sent me to the hospital. I have made recoveries and got back on the bike a few times now. I wrote this book detailing what to expect when you crash and go to the hospital, how to work with the doctors, how to recover physically and mentally. I also will go over some the bills to expect and when they should wander in. I will go over how fast your fitness will fall and how to build it up again. And finally, I will provide some recommendations on how to protect yourself financially the surprises that may be waiting for you as you get ready to go out on the road again.